SF Fall Classic

SF Fall Classic

November 17-19, 2017

The Myriad

2175 Market St

San Francisco, CA 94114



Friday, November 17 – Open Qualifying – 5PM – midnight

Saturday, November 18 – Open Qualifying – 10AM – midnight

Sunday, November 19 – Open and B Division Finals – 10AM


Standings can be found at https://www.neverdrains.com/sf2017/



Qualifying will be unlimited, best game format.  Players can play as many entries as they want in an effort to put up the best scores on a bank of 11 games.  The player with the top score on a game will receive 100 points, second place will receive 97 points, and third place will receive 95 points.  Each place down from third will receive one less point.  Each player’s top 5 scores will count.  After totaling scores, the top 16 (top 24 if more than 50 total players play half the required number of games in the qualifying portion of the tournament) will be in the open playoffs.  If 24 players are in the open playoffs, then the top 8 players will receive a bye.  The next 8 players not in the IFPA top 1000 will make the B playoffs. At the discretion of the tournament officials, any other player whose past tournament performance indicates that they should be treated as an “A” player may be also ineligible for the “B” division.


Entries are $2 for an individual entry, 6 for $10, or 13 for $20.  Players are also responsible for the cost to play each game ($0.50 to $1.00 depending on the game).  Unplayed entries will not be refunded.  Please plan accordingly.


You can pre-register here or register the day of at the venue.


We need volunteers to help with scorekeeping.  Volunteers will receive 6 free entries for each hour.  To sign up up for scorekeeping, add your name to the spreadsheet found here.


Players ranked outside of the IFPA top 1000 are eligible for the B Division Playoffs.


The anticipated games list (subject to change): Aerosmith, Batman 66, Star Wars (Stern), Star Trek (Stern), World Cup Soccer, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Cybernaut, FunHouse, Twilight Zone, Monster Bash


Ties which are not deemed “significant” will not be broken.  Significant ties are those that determine whether a player makes playoffs or whether a player receives a bye.  These ties will be broken by a 1-game playoff on a random game from the bank with order chosen randomly.  All other ties will be broken by first looking at each player’s best score in qualifying.  If each player has the same best score, then the second best score will be used, and so forth as necessary.  If each player has the same scores in qualifying then the tie will be randomly broken.


Finals will be PAPA style groups of four.  Players will play three games with 4-2-1-0 scoring.  The two players with the highest scores after three games will move on to the next round (if it’s not the final round).

The highest seed will get first choice of game or position in two out of the three game of the round.  Selection will then proceed by seedings in the group.

For one out of the three games, then second highest seed will first choice of game or position.  The highest seed will get second choice.  Choices for third and fourth will remain the same.  Which game number this occurs on is at the discretion of the highest seed of the group.  On games one or two, they may defer to the second seed.  If they have not deferred choice by the third game, then they must do so.

Games may not be chosen more than once by the same group in a round.

In the event that players a tie occurs that affects who advances (or occurs in the final round) a tie-breaking game shall occur.  The highest seed gets first choice of game or position.  Following selections are by seed.  The tie-breaking game cannot be one that has already been played by the group in the round.


Prize Structure

After trophy expenses, 83% of money spent on entries will go to A division finalists and the remaining 16% will to to B division Finalists.  The top qualifier will get an additional 1% of the prize pool.

A (24 Finalists): 83% of prize pool
1st: 19%
2nd: 14%
3rd: 8%
4th: 6%
5th – 8th: 3.5%
9th – 16th: 2%
17th – 24th: 0.75%

A (16 Finalists): 83% of prize pool
1st: 21%
2nd: 16%
3rd: 9%
4th: 7%
5th – 8th: 3.5%
9th – 16th: 2%

1st: 7%
2nd: 4%
3rd: 2%
4th: 1%
5th – 8th: 0.5%



The IFPA/PAPA ruleset will be used.