Zero VUKs Given

Venue: Barebottle Bernal Heights (Google Maps)
Games at venue:
Food situation: Nightly food trucks. Recommended to order early, the food trucks close up by 8pm
Nearby public transit: MUNI 9 bus

Cash and card accepted. Games run on preloaded card system (like Round1 or Dave & Busters).

Captain: Amanda Bombardier

RosterIFPA RankMatchplay RankRestriction
Amanda Bombardier11918
Sean Campbell4565
Rob Coli1468
Greg Creech7925
Kari Hattner43970
Matt Hickman2784
Jay Roudebush5362
Kristin Vogel-Campbell26551
Corinne Busche17835
Derek Lipkin1974
Samantha Wald11931
Matchplay rankings as of start of 2024 Spring Season
IFPA rankings will be added for 2024 Fall Season