Brian and Allison’s Going Away Tournament

Saturday, October 5 – 1PM – Free Gold Watch

Cost: $10. $1 goes to IFPA, the rest given out in prizes.


Qualifying will be six rounds of group matchplay. Pairings, player order, and games will be ‘balanced’ as chosen by the matchplay software. Scoring is 7-5-3-1 (7-4-1 for 3-player groups). The number of players advancing to the playoffs portion will depend how many players participate.

  • 16-23 players: 8 players advance to finals
  • 24-31 players: 12 players advance to finals (top 4 get a bye)
  • >32 players: 16 players advance to finals


Players will be placed into groups of four based on their seed from the qualifying. Groups will play three games and the scoring is 4-2-1-0. After three games, the top two players from each group will advance to the next round. If players are tied for one of the advancing positions, then a tie-breaking game will be played.


Each of the top four qualifiers will get to choose a bank of three games for the playoffs from those used in the tournament. The top qualifier gets to choose a bank first. At least one of the games in the bank must be an early SS or EM. Games can only appear in two banks, so once a game has been selected twice it is unavailable to chosen in later banks. Banks also cannot consist of the same three games. The highest seed in each group will then get to choose which bank to play on in that round (or has the option to defer to the next highest seed). No more than one group can select the same bank in a round. A player may not pick the same bank in consecutive rounds. For example, if a player picked Bank 1 in the first round, then she could not pick Bank 1 in second round, but could pick it again in third round.

Order selection on the first game will go in order of qualifying position (top seed gets first selection, then next highest seed, and so on). In subsequent games, order selection will go in reverse order of the results of the previous game (last place gets first order selection).

If a tie-breaking game necessary, the player with the highest seed will get to pick a game (or defer if they choose) that they did not play that round (and is not currently being played).