If your team is ready to sign up please go to the Register Team page to register.

If you would like to join but don’t have a team and would like some help forming or joining one, check out the summary of the rules below and go to the Forming Teams page.

Summary of the Rules

The full rules can be found on the Rules page. This is a summary of the rules important for those interested in forming or joining a team.  Teams compete against one another on Tuesdays starting at 7:30PM. Each team is has a home venue where half of their matches will occur, while the other half will occur at their opponent’s home venue. A team roster consists of 6 to 12 people of which 4 to 8 will be competing on any given Tuesday. Matches consist of 4 rounds where teams are competing against one another with some of the rounds having individuals competing head-to-head while others are doubles matches. The matches are expected to take somewhere around 2 hours. Players interested in joining should be available to play on Tuesdays at 7:30PM.

Rosters can consist of any number of people, but only 8 can compete on a given night. In order to maintain competitiveness, each team is restricted to one player ranked in the IFPA top 500 and two players ranked in the top 1000 (this includes any top 500 players) playing on a given night. 4 to 8 players will compete for a team each night and substitutes may be used if a team cannot field enough people from their roster.

Each team has a host venue. These venues must have games available for play from 7:30PM until a match completes on Tuesday nights. Please check with the venue to ensure this is the case before signing up. Venues should have at least 3 pinball machines (ideally 4 or more) and be accessible via public transit in Oakland or San Francisco. No more than two teams can have the same home venue.

Each team should have captain that is in charge of communication with the league and making decisions on behalf of the team during matches. A co-captain should also be designated for when the captain is unavailable.

Seasons generally begin in February and August.  If this page isn’t updated with the exact date or if you have any questions, feel free to Contact us.