Emporium Oakland Tournament

It was the Best of Steins, it was the Wes of Steins – Sunday, November 14 – 5:30PM – Emporium Oakland


Three hours of matchplay. We’ll do three hours of matchplay using balanced pairings and 7-5-3-1 scoring (7-4-1 for three player groups). Games will be limited to the fastest playing games available in an effort to play as many games as possible. Once the first game has started will continue playing games for three hours and no new games will be started after the three hour mark. When those games are finished, the standings will be final. No finals and no tiebreakers unless it’s for first place. IFPA/PAPA ruleset.


$5 entry with all money paid back out to players. Payouts will depend on attendence, but expect something like the top 1/3 of players to receive prize money.