Emporium Oakland Tournament

Sunday, May 14 – 5:30PM – Emporium Oakland



10 rounds of matchplay using balanced pairings and 7-5-3-1 scoring (7-4-1 for three player groups). Games will be limited to the fastest playing games available. Top four players to finals. Ties for in/out of finals will be broken on the fastest playing game. Expectation is that qualifying will take about two and half hours.


5 rounds of matchplay with 7-5-3-1 scoring. In reverse order of seed (#4 seed goes first), the players will get to choose one of the available games to play, with the #1 seed getting to choose two games to play. The bottom seeds may not pick a game already picked, but the top seed may choose game to be played a second time if desired (or may pick the same game twice if it hasn’t already been picked). Order choice on each game goes by seed.

Ties for first overall will be broken by single game. Highest seed gets game or order choice, with further selections by seed.


$5 entry with all money paid back out to players. Payouts to top 4 as well as to top novice not in the top 4 (outside top 3000 in matchplay rating).