Northern California State Championships

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Noon @ The Myriad

This tournament is designed to be similar to the IFPA CA state championships taking place on the same day.  It will be limited to the first 24 people to sign up.  Format will be head-to-head single elimination (best of 7 matches) with seedings based on the player’s 2017 CA state ranking.


Registration is limited to the first 24 players to sign up.  Please use the form below to register.  If you are already registered and for some reason can’t make it, please send an email to


    Players will play head-to head in a single head-to-head in a single elimination bracket.  Seeding will be based on the players’s 2017 CA state ranking.  Any unranked or suppressed players will be placed as the lowest seed.  Any ties in seeding will be randomly broken.

    Each match will be a best-of-seven. The higher seeded player will have choice of machine or position for the 1st game, with the loser of each subsequent game having choice of machine or order, until someone has won 4 games. A machine may not be played more than once in the same match unless there are less than 7 machines available. If that is the case, only after all machines have been chosen can either player select that game to be played for a second time within the same match. Once a player verbally announces their game choice, or chooses position, that decision will be locked in and cannot be changed.

    The two losers of the semifinals match will play  in the Consolation Final for 3rd/4th place.  The 3rd/4th place Consolation Final will be played as a best-of-three instead of a best-of-seven like all other rounds, using the same rules.


    The entry fee for each player will be $10.  After taking out the $1 IFPA fee, First place will receive 45% of the entry fees, 2nd place 28%, 3rd place 17%, and 4th place 10%.


    The IFPA/PAPA ruleset will be used.  Any extra balls earned on games must be plunged without flipping.

    Registered Players

    1. Jared Garvey

    2. Luke Baxter

    3. Gabe da Silveira

    4. Roland Nadeau

    5. Mike Villarreal

    6. Janel Valdez

    7. Nick Yahnke

    8. Jane Kissler

    9. Oli Notteghem

    10. Jack Olson

    11. Kevin Montgomery

    12. Greg Creech

    13. Meghan Long

    14. David Ortega

    15. Terri Lynn Delk

    16. Maurice Tierney